View Full Version : Introducing Arrow Shark F1 Billet Outboard Dragon Drive

Arrow Shark
07-22-2013, 03:11 AM
Introduction of Arrow Shark 2013 Outboard Dragon Drive (Gear Version)

Our purpose in designing the Dragon Drive is to offer a high quality, sleek looking and durable outboard drive for the growing RC F1 (Formula One) gas tunnel market. Designed for realistic operation on boats such as F1 Tunnel Hulls, the Dragon Drive can be fitted with our XP254M series engine for outstanding performance, or alternatively just about any other 23cc-31cc Zenoah-mount-compatible type engine can be easily installed without modification.
The greater the time you dedicate to details whilst creating and developing a new product, the more issues will be found that can be improved. The more such issues you can attend to before the product is released, the more successful will be the product, and the happier will be your customers using it. Arrow Shark acknowledges that any of our new products may not be totally flawless for its release, because all products can be improved from time to time, especially in the light of customer feedback from use of the product in the "real world". However, Arrow Shark can and does put timeless testing and evaluation into our new products before release, and we do the best we possibly can to make each new product as near to perfect as practical before release.
We have followed this approach with our new Outboard Dragon Drive which we are now very proud and pleased to announce. After completion of extensive testing on the Dragon Drive, which has been in progress for almost two years with consequent re-designs and improvement, the performance of this great drive has finally reached our expectation and is ready for its release!

for more information on this product, please visit: http://www.arrowshark.com/scale-drive.php