• Assemble a RC boat

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    To build and assemble a R/C boat demands a few steps and a couple of different things. This article of the site intends, in a comprehensive form, to deal with them all. At the end your lecture, you should have a guide, as complete as possible, on how to build and assemble your boat.

    The main segments to be mentioned are:
    • Hull
    • Engine
    • Drive train/rudder
    • Electronics


    Building fibre glass hulls

    The following items describe each necessary step to build a fibreglass hull, from making the mould over a plug until finishing the hull itself. It is not an easy task but you are willing to try, these tips from Gaucho will help the job. We use polyester resin and fibre cloth, although mat could be used as well

    For easy understanding, we offer some definitions of terms used in this article.

    Fibre cloth: glass threads woven in a cloth. Unlike the mat, the threads don't get loose when used. The finish has better appearance than the mat, although the latter is stronger.

    Gel: mix from clear resin with 1% cobalt, titanium dioxide and ground glass. This is the layer that will be apparent and that will give the finish for the work.

    Industrial talcum powder:
    used to thicken the gel

    Mat: Fibreglass joined together that, covered with resin, gives strength to the hull. The reference numbers (6 oz, 7 oz, ...) refer to the weight for square foot of the mat. ...